No matter how well you takes care of your bike there will come a time when something breaks but don’t worry! The Bike Surgeon has a crew of highly skilled individuals who not only love riding but also love working on bikes. We understand the you need to get your bike back as soon a possible which is why we strive to get your bike fixed and back on the road as quick as we can. Give us a call at (618) 457-4521 or swing by our shop at 402 E. Plaza Dr. Suite 2 Carterville, IL 62918


We all get there… You have your bike that you think is the greatest thing in the world. Then you see a fancy new gadget that you have to have! Most likely we can not only get that awesome new gadget but we will install it on your bike for you. Why bother getting out your tools, trying to get your bike to stay up while installing your newfangled contraption when you can have it professionally installed. Give us a call at (618) 457-4521 or swing by our shop to check out our line of products or to see if we can get what you are looking for. 


You have put in the miles and climbed the hills and your bike isn’t riding quite like it used to. Sounds like it is time to get your bike serviced! Just like your vehicle, your bike needs some TLC from time to time and The Bike Surgeon can help you with that. Call us today at (618) 457-4521 or swing by the shop to get your bike serviced and ready for the road. 

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